Signature Flavors

Vanilla Ram Trax Heathbar
Chocolate Claude's Cupcake Black Raspberry
Strawberry Mississippi Mud Triple Chocolate
Maple Walnut Coconut Creme Smurf
Cookie Toasted Almond Choc. Almond Fudge
Chocolate Chip Dough-si-Dough Milky Way
Mint Chip Reese's Cup Cookie Dough
Caramel Cashew Black Cherry Coffee Espresso

ID Required (Adult Flavors)

Bailey's Irish Creme
Rum Raisin (in season)

Everything Else

Tofutti: Coffee Chip Crunch Sorbet: Mango
Toasted Almond Red Raspberry
Vanilla with Rasp. Swirl
Frozen Yogurt: Cookie Dough Ices: Lemon
Coffee Double Chip
Mint Cookie
Black Rasp. Chip
Vanilla Bean
P'nut Butter Crunch
Chocolate Almond Chip
Rocky Road

Please Note

Tofutti and Yogurt flavors change daily from the above selection. Feel free to call with questions on today's flavors. 203-272-4237

Also, any of our great cakes and pies can be made with the above flavors